Jeff Pate, CCIM, ePro



Serving all your real estate needs in
Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Murfreesboro & all surrounding areas in Middle Tennessee, The Pate Team utilizes the latest technologies, market research and business strategies to meet your expectations. However, more importantly, we listen and that means we find solutions that are tailored to you. In today's market that is important.  
Next, as the economy fluctuates and seeks stabilization, we will be in a better position to forecast how long and how deep any recession may be prior to the onset of a recovery. Sadly, more of our friends and family will be faced with various degrees of financial instability and hardship including, but not limited to, job loss, income interruption, missed mortgage payments, default notices and even foreclosure.
Our goal is to help as many folks who are facing difficult financial times in as many different ways as humanly possible. It will always be our primary goal to help our clients, friends and families buy and sell residential, commercial and investment real estate. It is important for all to know that we are experienced in working with lenders, foreclosure attorneys and sellers to minimize loss of property, credit ratings and equity while working through difficult financial situations. We pride ourselves on our confidentiality, experience and legacy of reslts in this season of challenges.
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